GDP is Macho and Keeps Women Poor

GDP is Macho and Keeps Women Poor

By Alice Kanengoni

GDP tool and model is macho and masks inequalities – especially gendered inequalities. 

Searching for his soul

Telling heroes tales

By Lesle Jansen

Restoring the soul of the Khoi-San

Role of Britain and British extractive companies in Africa

Undermining Africa's wealth

By Claude Kabemba

Britain's role in extracting continent's resources

Justice must be part of post-2015 development framework

Development needs justice

By George Soros

Access to justice must be part of post-2015 agenda

Of particular importance is Section 62 (1) and (2) of the Constitution which for the first time, establishes the human right of access to information.

Levi Kabwato | Jan 19th, 2015
Sipho Malunga, OSISA Director, chats SADC-ESN delegates.

Free, fair and credible elections in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) remain a prerequisite to democratisation, members of the SADC Electoral Support Network (SADC-ESN) have reaffirmed.

Union des Associations Villageoises de Gestion des Réserves de Faune Pendjari re
Masego Madzwamuse
In a world that is characterised by multiple crises. Poverty and inequality is on the rise, biodiversity is being lost, greenhouse gases on the rise, and scientists are telling us that something needs to be done.

Responsible Agricultural Investment in Africa
Timothy A. Wise

Can land grabs by foreign investors in developing countries feed the hungry? So says the press release for a recent, and unfortunate, economic study. It comes just as civil society and government delegates gather in Rome this week to negotiate guidelines for “responsible

Guy Stubbs / Independent Contributors / Africa Media Online
Rekopantswe Mate
This paper seeks to do describe how feminists have responded to the challenges and opportunities of the neoliberal global economic order. I proceed by briefly defining neoliberalism, noting its
Juliet Mphande

The need for dialogue on the status of men who have sex with men (MSM) in relation to access to health, and HIV and AIDS 

Lizane Louw / Inde pendent Contributors / Africa Media Online
Rudo Gaidzanwa
Feminism is political, seeking to influence, shape and exercise a degree of power over events in order to further the interests of different types of women.

Thabileng Mothabi

While Zambia’s is undergoing rapid development, it still faces food security challenges, but a joint research project is looking at how these can be tackled, looking forward to how countries in southern Africa can achieve sustainable forms of development, as envisaged by the

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