Sur le chemin du plaidoyer pour la proposition de loi relative à l'Accès à l'Inf

Sur le chemin du plaidoyer pour la proposition de loi relative à l'Accès à l'Information en RDC

By Henri Christin

Le plaidoyer pour la loi relative à l'accès à l'information en RDC qui a commencé depuis 2009 n'a vu ses premiers résultats qu'en Octobre 2015 avec le vote de cette loi à la chambre haute (Sénat) du Parlement. C'est fut un long combat des combattants.

Can Botswana’s Democracy carry Spirit of the Kalahari?

Can Botswana’s democracy carry spirit of the Kalahari?

By Delme Cupido

Botswana has long been hailed as a ‘miracle’ of democracy in sub-Saharan Africa. In the last ten years however, this gilded reputation earned during 1970’s and 1980’s which reflected high economic growth levels and political stability, has lost much of its lustre.

Tanzania 2015 Elections: Failure is not an Option

By Ozias Tungwarara

In many instances election management resembles crises management. This is simply because of the huge significance of elections as access to national resources and power; the personalization of state powers by elected officials and the reluctance of politicians to play by the rules.

Regional Conference on Building Democratic Developmental States for Economic Tra

Building Democratic Developmental States for Economic Transformation in Southern Africa

By Thabileng Mothabi

The conference brought together over 50 participants representing academia, civil society organisations, and representatives of regional economic communities. What emerged during the two-day discussions was that there is a huge leadership deficit in the region as a key enabler for a democratic developmental state.

Response to “I am not your daughter!”

Response to “I am not your daughter!”

By Thoko Chilenga

In this article, I agree with Nyanungo’s perspective by challenging cultural expectations and their sometimes contradictory actions; examining the imbalance between the disciplinarian and caring roles that cultural mothers have.

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The video offers insight into the issues faced by the San in Botswana and introduces the Khwedom Council.


Dorothy Brislin | 15 February 2017
Kojo Busia of the Africa Minerals Development Centre moderated the discussion th
Today’s governments are challenged with creating new approaches to governance that enable them to better exploit the developmental potential provided by mineral resources. Establishing regulatory frameworks and state capacity to ensure that activities and mining companies are compatible with efforts to promote inclusive and sustainable development are central to this challenge.
Launch of  Early Identification and Intervention  (EII) Strategy in Swaziland
Nelisiwe Nhlabatsi

Every Swazi child shall, within three years of the commencement of this Constitution have the right to free education in public schools at least up to the end of primary school, beginning with the first grade.

Elections of Member of African Union Advisory Board on Combating Corruption (AUA
Jeggan Grey-Johnson
Citizenry engagement and involvement - citizens can actually determine the kind of AUABC they want

!Kung Victory over Land Grabs. Pictures by Kevin Rack, (c) OneTime Films
Delme Cupido
The High Court of Namibia delivered a ruling which represents a critical legal victory for the !Kung and Ju/’oan (San) communities living in the N≠a Jaqna and Nyae Nyae conservancies in North East Namibia.

Inclusive Education in Zimbabwe: What guides us without a policy framework?
Barbra Nyangairi
Inclusive education is a rights-based approach to education which appreciates diversity among learners and their unique educational needs. Inclusive education centres its efforts on children who are vulnerable and prone to exclusion and marginalisation.

Ntokozo Dlamini

OSISA was honoured with an award from the World Palliative Care Association and the African Palliative Care Association recognising its role and continued support for palliative care in the region. The award was presented during the opening reception of the 5th International

Batwa leader meets with UN to prevent Genocide
Delme Cupido
This is an historic moment, in which the first African indigenous leader will meet with the Special Advisor to present data collected by indigenous peoples themselves, on trends in serious crimes and violence against indigenous peoples in the Kivu District. 

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