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Sexual Rights Centre

02 December 2016 The Sexual Rights Centre is a grassroots organisation that was founded in 2008. SRC is based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and seeks to build a culture of human rights through challenging behaviour and attitudes in society, strengthening capacity and empowering vulnerable and marginalised communities to advocate for their human rights. Its aim is to target marginalised and excluded communities in order to strengthen their capacity to be better advocates of their rights.

The Southern African Programme on Access to Medicines (SAPAM)

02 December 2016 The Southern African Programme on Access to Medicines (SAPAM) initiated in 2009 as a support programme to SADC Secretariat on implementing the Pharmaceutical Business Plan. SAPAM was designed in consultation with Member States (MS), the SADC Secretariat and other stakeholders, to respond to identified gaps in the pharmaceutical markets of Southern Africa, including market failures, which result in uncompetitive drug pricing and unreliable supply and unavailability of medicines. SAPAM has since evolved to become an established organization with a staff complement of 8.

Centre des Technologies Innovatrices et le Développement Durable (CTIDD)

02 December 2016

Triple V Campaign and Grand Coalition

05 October 2016

Triple V Campaign and Grand Coalition (Zambia) The Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) in collaboration with Operation Young Vote and Young Women in Action, have embarked on a voter sensitisation campaign targeted at the 2016 General Elections in Zambia. The Campaign is called Triple V for My Vote My Voice My Victory, the purpose of the campaign is to educate citizens, especially the youth and women who are make up about 1.7 million of the population. The project also aims at motivating the youth and women to participate as voters in the 2016 Elections.

Disability Rights Call for Proposals 2015 from Botswana

05 August 2015

The purpose of this call is to support and build the capacity of the disability communities in Botswana to know, demand and defend their rights, in addition to supporting reforms and the development of laws and policies that reflect the needs and aspirations of people living with disabilities.


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Botswana must give HIV drugs to non-citizen prisoners

07 February 2014

BONELA launches legal fight to change policy

Namibia failing to end forced sterilisation

28 November 2013

On 4 November the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights passed a resolution condemning the practice of coerced sterilisation of marginalised women, including women living with HIV. The resolution reaffirmed that sterilisation can only be done with the full, free and informed consent of the woman.

African Commission condemns coerced sterilisation of HIV+ women

06 November 2013

Resolution will boost campaign to end practice

Silenced and forgotten paper launched in Zambia

04 October 2013

OSISA agenda setting paper on HIV and minorities

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