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South Africa's Cart People

07 January 2014

The Cart people are the only nomadic group of people left in South Africa. You will find them all over the Karoo, a very dry landscape, where they migrate from one farm to another doing peacework, eg. shering sheep.

Due to the mechanisation of shering sheep the cart people’s...

Who We Are

07 January 2014

P-H-O-B-I-A remains a five-letter word that continues to haunt and hunt different groups and individuals. And when we fall victim to its device, the human creative will and imaginative space become circumscribed. Yet, there are phobias of diverse forms ranging the racial through the...

OPENPhoto 2013 winner

07 January 2014

This stunning series of photos of South Sudan's transition to independence won the OPENPhoto 2013 competition.

In July 2011, under a blazing equatorial sun, a group of South Sudanese rebels...

Big oil fighting to keep Angolans in the dark

13 December 2013

A new global transparency standard for oil and mining industry revenues promises to bring transformative benefits to citizens across the world – but not in Angola, if big oil in the USA gets its way.

The Cardin-Lugar provision within the US Dodd-Frank Act and the new European...

Zambian activist arrested after picketing parliament

12 December 2013

Despite repeated promises, the Zambian government is clearly in no hurry to enact a new constitution – but very quick to put constitutional activists behind bars.

On Wednesday, MacDonald Chipenzi, who is the Executive Director of Zambia’s Foundation for Democratic Process (...

Blow for investigation into corrupt Angolan debt deal

09 December 2013

Lawyers for three prominent Angolans who are supporting a Swiss criminal investigation into allegedly corrupt dealings in a huge Angolan-Russian debt deal have expressed their acute disappointment at the Swiss authorities' decision to release Arcadi Gaydamak -  an Israeli-Russian arms...

Anti-xenophobia project ends township tour

03 December 2013

The current phase of the OSISA-funded anti-xenophobia project – Tell Them We Are All From Here (TTWAFH) – has just ended with an exhibition in the...

Regional ECDE conference begins in SA

03 December 2013

A major conference on Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) kicked off in Pretoria on December 3rd with a keynote address by Siphosami Malunga, the Executive Director of OSISA.

The conference - hosted by OSISA and the...

African public broadcasters still under executive control

02 December 2013

An unprecedented eleven country study has concluded that public broadcasting in Africa has a long way to go if it is to align with continental and regional frameworks, which promote open and free public spaces where all issues concerning people’s lives can be aired and debated.


Launch of Journal on Public Policy in Africa

28 November 2013

It has been in the works for some time but now it is finally here – the first edition of the Journal of Public Policy in Africa (JOPPA). And it is well worth the wait.

Published by the Africa University – in partnership with the Open...

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