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Ex-President of SADC Tribunal speaks out

22 July 2011

Speaking at a workshop in Namibia, the former-President of the SADC Tribunal, Ariranga Pilay, made it clear that he viewed the decision by SADC leaders to suspend the Tribunal until at least August 2012 while a review is undertaken as illegal and ultra vires - and that its demise would result in dire consequences for the rule of law and human...

Major demonstrations in Malawi

20 July 2011

Malawi is slowly returning to normality after the nationwide pro-democracy demonstrations on July 20th were marred by violence, looting, the arrest of activists and around 18 deaths. As many people feared, the authorities in Malawi did not let the protests go ahead without hassle. An injunction was granted by the High Court...

UK suspends budget support to Malawi

14 July 2011

The UK government has announced that it has suspended general budget support to Malawi indefinitely - a few months after the British High Commissioner was expelled from Lilongwe. However, the British International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell said that the decision was taken after the Malawi government repeatedly failed to address UK...

Victory for women's rights in Angola

14 July 2011

Women's campaigners and activists in Angola are celebrating a notable victory in Angola - a law that finally criminalises domestic violence and offers protection to victims and their families.

After ten years of work, the law guarantees support to victims, through safe houses, medical treatment and financial and legal help. In addition...

Effective delivery of public education in Malawi

06 July 2011

Malawi: Effective Delivery of Public Education Services - A review by AfriMAP and OSISA

This is a report about missed opportunities in the delivery of education services in Malawi as well as how the hoped for objectives for reform can be salvaged.

The report describes the reforms aimed at improving access to, and...

Malawi human rights commissioner threatened

01 July 2011

Civil society organisations have responded with shock and outrage to the news that Malawi's Human Rights Commissioner, John Kapito, and his family are now living in fear following phone threats and incidents of harassment.

Kapito has been speaking out vehemently against the government’s lack of respect for the rule of law and good...

Zim human rights commission bill gazetted

01 July 2011

More than two years after Zimbabwe's Inclusive Government was formed, the long-awaited Human Rights Commission Bill has finally been gazetted, paving the way for the enactment of a legal framework to govern the operations of this very important human rights body.

The Commission will assume greater importance as Zimbabwe heads towards a...

Swazi government targets Judge

30 June 2011

In the latest attack on the rule of law in Swaziland, Chief Justice, Michael Ramodibedi, has suspended Justice Thomas Masuku and accused him of 12 spurious charges — including insulting the King.

Masuku has been suspended from the Swazi High Court with immediate effect and told that his disciplinary hearing before the Judicial Services...

Chevron Under Fire From Global Coalition

30 June 2011

At a press conference in San Francisco, over one dozen community leaders from Angola, Ecuador, Indonesia, Nigeria, Alaska, Texas, across California, and more gathered at a Chevron gas station to expose the harms of Chevron's operations in the communities where they live and advocate. They revealed that contrary to Chevron's Annual Report and...

Tackling impunity in DRC

23 June 2011

For the past 15 years, the world has watched in horror as women in eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been subjected to a reign of terror and mass sexual violence by a variety of armed groups, including the Congolese army, rebels and militias. With no law and order – indeed no functioning state – in much of the east,...

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