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Alarming findings in new gender study on eastern DRC

28 November 2013

A comprehensive new study in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) paints an alarming picture of the scale of gender-based violence in the region – and calls for affected men, women and children to receive psycho-social support to help bring the cycles of violence at all levels of...

No longer education as usual in Swaziland

28 November 2013
While Swaziland often makes headlines for the wrong reasons, the government is quietly making all the right noises in relation to early childhood development and education (ECDE).

Regional ECDE conference will focus on quality

27 November 2013

While the focus of many actors engaged in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) in southern Africa is on advocating for, and developing initiatives to ensure that, more children have access to ECDE services, there is mounting concern that a number of these programmes will not be...

SA police must investigate Zimbabwe torture case

27 November 2013

In a landmark decision for local and international justice, the South African Supreme Court of Appeal today ordered the South African Police Service (SAPS) to investigate high level Zimbabwean officials accused of committing crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe.


We are all from here

26 November 2013

It has been five years since the xenophobic attacks in South Africa shocked the country, the region and the world – but very little has been done to try and address the issue. The death of a Mozambican taxi driver at the hands of the South African police and regular reports of intimidation of foreigners shows that...

UN debate on fracking as part of SDGs

25 November 2013

<--break->Over the past few years, ...

Swaziland police crack down on students & farmers

22 November 2013

Freedom House condemns unlawful arrests and detentions

Freedom House condemns the unlawful arrests and detentions...

Angolan officials implicated in deaths of protestors

22 November 2013

Angolan authorities should prosecute all state security officials responsible for the killing of two protest organizers who have been missing since May 2012, according to ...

Botswana government admits to fracking

21 November 2013

<--break->After a week of denials, the Botswana government finally admitted yesterday that fracking operations...

Time to overhaul Swaziland's Terrorism Act

19 November 2013

In a letter to Swaziland’s Prime Minister, 25 organisations called on the government to amend the...

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