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Silenced and forgotten paper launched in Zambia

04 October 2013

<--break->The Zambia National Aids, TB and STI control council (NAC) has endorsed and launched OSISA’s HIV and AIDS agenda setting paper -...

African Union criticises Swazi elections

23 September 2013

Slowly but surely the campaign for democratic reform in Swaziland is gaining momentum. King Mswati III and his regime have done everything in their absolutist power to suppress local and international demands for change but they will find it hard to silence the latest group to call for reforms – the African Union.


Swaziland is a failed feudal state

17 September 2013

Just three days before Swazis vote in their (undemocratic) parliamentary polls, Freedom House has issued a report that details the devastating effects of King Mswati’s absolute rule on the people of Swaziland.


Justice sector is failing in Congo

17 September 2013

The justice sector is the most important pillar of the rule of law in any society. In a post-conflict society such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), it plays the additional role of guaranteeing stability and peace but if it is unable to promote, safeguard and protect values ​​of fairness and justice, it can plunge...

Southern Africa's forgotten crisis

15 September 2013

Executive Summary from Swaziland: Southern Africa's Forgotten Crisis produced by Chatham House

Swaziland is Africa’s last remaining absolute monarchy. King Mswati III and Queen Mother Ntombi, who rules as his co-monarch, have ultimate...

Government communications and democratic processes

09 September 2013

Governing necessarily involves constant exchanges of information and communication about policies, ideas and decisions between governors and the governed.

In a context in which internet technology – with all its possibilities for information...

Gearing up for elections in Swaziland

09 September 2013

Campaigning is under way in Swaziland for this month's parliamentary elections and international observers are due to arrive in the country this week.

But, despite all the local press intrigue about the candidates – one of whom has just been jailed for fraud – the results will be largely academic because, regardless...

Victory for women's rights in Botswana

03 September 2013

The fight for women’s rights in Botswana took a major step forward today when the Court of Appeal in Ramantele v Mmusi and Others upheld the right of four sisters to inherit their family homestead, rejecting the...

Zambia needs a people-driven constitution now

29 August 2013

Frequent constitutional changes that are driven by executive interests rather than the will of the people are undermining democracy and political participation in Zambia, according to a newly launched discussion paper.

Based on the findings of a soon-to-be-published study – entitled...

Goma fighting points to failure of international solutions

29 August 2013

The current outbreak of fighting between the Congolese army and M23 rebels around Goma illustrates – yet again – that internationally orchestrated peace deals and UN interventions are not the answer to the challenges facing the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Just six months...

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