The current global solidarity wave on anti-racism offers an opportunity for renewed reflections on the historical and contemporary drivers of racism, xenophobia and ethnic discrimination on the African continent. Africa has particularly been subjected to entrenched degrading, atrocious and brutal forms of racism inherited from slavery, colonialism and apartheid in addition to xenophobia and ethnic intolerance, which all persist today in nuanced manifestations across the regions of the continent.


The webinar will discuss the lasting structural impacts of colonialism and apartheid on contemporary legislation, policies and practices designed to protect former colonial powers’ economic and other interests at the expense of the rights, economic development and social progress of Africans resulting in fragmented and poor regional and continental integration further perpetrated by xenophobia and ethnic discrimination.


Panellists will provide a historical analysis of dispossession in the region and offer ideas and strategies on how policymakers and movements could and should address contemporary inequality affecting Africans in the region with implication at regional, continental and even international level. Presenters will highlight recent efforts by local and international organisations to address structural racism and xenophobia. The dialogue seeks to highlight opportunities for new imaginaries on reparations with a view to building transnational solidarity going forward.

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Skulls of My People


19 November 2020


15h00 SAT / 13h00 GMT


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