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Namibia's war on women

By Gwen Lister | February 19th, 2014
Murder and rape of women and girls on the rise in Namibia

Violence against women and children in Namibia is reaching critical proportions. Of late there have been some particularly horrific incidences of what are unfortunately termed 'passion killings'. The usual public outcry follows each gruesome story. Calls for the reinstatement of the death penalty, a 'national state of emergency' and a return to religious education in schools are but some of the 'solutions' offered for this escalating social evil.


SWAPO youth league gets a spanking

By Gwen Lister | June 26th, 2013
SWAPO Youth were up in arms...maybe they will be again

Namibia's ruling party, SWAPO, has always vehemently denied divisions in its ranks. But recently things came to a head when the top leadership and the Youth League clashed over remarks made about presidential candidate-in-waiting, Hage Geingob, which resulted in a showdown at a Central Committee meeting last weekend where the SPYL’s ejection from the party was narrowly averted.


Tough times for LGBTI in Namibia too

By Gwen Lister | May 04th, 2013
Anti-LGBTI rhetoric often claims that it is unAfrican and comes from the West

One thing is for sure. It is still not easy to be gay in Africa. Even against the background of growing acceptance and acknowledgement of human rights across the continent, the topic of homosexuality remains beyond the pale. And when it is discussed, it inevitably gets the political blood pressure boiling.


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