The Crisis of a Lifetime

Only one thing is certain about the post-pandemic world: there is no way back to the globalized economy that preceded it. Everything else is up for grabs, including the rise of China, the fate of the United States, and the survival of the European Union....

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Viral Authoritarianism

In the rush to mitigate a public-health emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, illiberal governments around the world are testing the limits of civil rights and democratic checks and balances. As history has shown time and again, there is no better moment than an emergency for...

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Beyond Health

here is no doubt that the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered many facets of everyday life. Even more, we may be witnessing a fundamental re-odering of the social order, as we know it. Whilst COVID-19 is essentially a public health issue, it is a crisis that has also...

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