Amazon to Africa: The Gaia Foundation Celebrates 30 years

By Liz Hosken | February 22nd, 2017
Amazon to Africa: The Gaia Foundation Celebrates 30 years
OSISA grantee, The Gaia Foundation has opened the exhibition ‘From Amazon to Africa’ in London, to celebrate 30 years of work. In a story spanning three decades and almost every continent, The Gaia Foundation has worked with indigenous and local communities to protect their rainforest homes, restore agricultural diversity and revive traditional knowledge – supporting those who defend life on Earth. From the Amazon forests to the savannas of Africa, film, photography and ethnographic artifacts offer colourful insights into a remarkable journey celebrating, restoring and protecting bio-cultural diversity.


The Gaia Foundation is currently working with OSISA and a network of African civil society organisations to strengthen an African Earth Jurisprudence (EJ) movement – an emerging field that looks at law and human governance through an Earth-centred lens. Training for communities and civil society leaders, and accompanyincommunities to revive their knowledge and practices, is combined with policy work such as pushing for government and non-government parties of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to adopt a Motion (026) that calls for protected areas and other areas important for biodiversity to be no-go areas for mining and other extractive industries.
OSISA has also supported The Gaia Foundation to produce a 4-page briefing (in French and English) that backs its report to the African Commission for Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), ‘‘A Call for Legal Recognition of Sacred Natural Sites and Territories, and their Customary Governance Systems”. As the next extraordinary session of the ACHPR draws near, it is hoped that Commission members will adopt a new resolution based on the report and IUCN Motion 026. 
We recommend viewing the film Seeds of Sovereignty to get a sense of the journey ‘From Amazon to Africa’ and the work of building the African EJ movement, from local to international level.

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