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ACTION for Conflict Transformation is a global network of individuals and organisations working for sustainable peace. In Africa the ACTION Support Centre, through its Skills and Strategies for Change programme aims to be a resource for African wisdom and expertise able to respond effectively to the deep-rooted social conflicts across the continent. It connects people working for peace and development, human rights and social transformation, in Anglophone, Lusophone and Francophone countries throughout Africa.

The Applied Conflict Transformation Course has been designed by a team of conflict and development specialists and aims to enhance and support the work of practitioners and policy makers affected by conflict and tension.

Specifically the course aims to:

• Explore why and how people organise and to share strategies for building networks and coordinating the programmes of different stakeholders
• Introduce tools and skills for analysing conflicts that can assist in identifying intervention strategies to reduce and prevent violence.
• Identify the origins and causes of new and ongoing conflicts in Africa and their links to continental and global factors
• Understanding the specific effects of conflict on men and women and exploring the gender aspects of conflict sensitivity
• Support and strengthen skills for facilitating dialogue, including communication and facilitation skills, negotiation, mediation and arbitration.
• Explore ways of providing support between practitioners and policy makers active in the field of Conflict Transformation and Development
• Develop strategies to train other people working for development, human rights and reconciliation in methods of transforming conflict and preventing violence as well as the monitoring and evaluation of these initiatives.
• Develop capacity within organizations for conflict sensitive planning and implementation of development, humanitarian and peace building programmes.
• Develop a vision for Africa that reflects African values and capacities for peace.

Using Southern Africa as a regional case study, the course has been designed specifically for people who want to focus on conflict in Africa and connect this focus to the global context. The course will include an analysis of global events, as well as a focus on new forms of resistance and change and their implications for Southern Africa.


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