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The constitution of Malawi which is the supreme law of the land provides for protection of all children despite their status in the country. Similarly the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) though it does not explicitly mention early childhood development, outlines actions on ECDE such as expanding infrastructure for pre-school to ensure that more children have access to ECDE services; decreasing disease and deaths among children by improving health and nutrition; and reducing gender-based discrimination and HIV/AIDS.

Despite these major achievements the ECDE sector is facing a magnitude of problems which include; limited access to ECDE; inadequate trained personnel to facilitate delivery of quality and comprehensive ECDE programs, poor infrastructure, lack of enforcement of standards, fragmentation of services, inadequate sanitary facilities in the majority of ECDE centers,  lack of nutritious food or poor preparation of foods for children, lack of early learning and stimulation materials for both indoor and outdoor play; unqualified caregivers who in most cases use approaches that are not child friendly and a myriad of other challenges. 
Comprehensive Early Childhood Development in Malawi is a project being implemented by Action Aid – Malawi that seeks to address some of these challenges. This project will reach 6,400 children with quality ECDE services, enhance the capacity of parents in 32 communities surrounding the ECDE centers to effectively take care of their children, promote hygiene and advocate for increased investment in ECDE. The project will also provide opportunities for the development of the early childhood development assessment tools that will enable parents, extension workers and caregivers to use the tools to identify early disabilities and make timely referral. The ECDE Technical Working Group and the Civil Society Organization for quality basic education will be engaged in this project’s activities.
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