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OSISA’s Economic Justice programme recognises that poverty represents a significant challenge in southern Africa. People who have little financial security are often unable to...

OSISA’s Education programme understands that education is a basic right, which is important for its own sake as well as for the powerful role it plays in fostering open societies.

The gender and women’s rights programme focuses on strengthening the women’s movement and ensuring that OSISA’s partners can address gender inequality in their own communities and social context...

OSISA's work in HIV and AIDS aims to support efforts that decrease stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS and empower others who are vulnerable to HIV infection.

OSISA's work in human rights and democracy building aims to promote open societies, where transparency and accountability are viewed as essential parts of the culture of a working democracy.

After centuries of discrimination, indigenous communities in southern Africa are on the brink of extinction. OSISA's new programme provides a platform to effectively advocate...


The Law Programme supports and promotes access to justice and rule of law programmes in the region.

OSISA realises that there is the need to empower the most marginalised people in our communities, such as LGBTI people, and contribute to the fostering of inclusive and...

The OSISA media programme promotes the development of more open, just and democratic societies, where those in power are accountable to those they serve.

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  • RT : #MalawiHIVBill activists celebrate a victory for human rights as MPs reject criminalizing and punitive provisions… https://t.co/IxauyLfoYe
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  • RT : #MalawiHIVBill Parliament says a definitive NO to HIV Criminalisation, no to mandatory testing, no to pre-employmen… https://t.co/bl15Wb8ath
    Il y a 15 heures 57 min
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    Il y a 15 heures 57 min
  • Masego Madzwamuse () our Team Leader (Economic and Social Justice) recently gave a TED Talk on Artificial I… https://t.co/QDjTysjIuS
    Il y a 16 heures 22 min
  • RT : will be running a voter registration campaign wherein we will publish voter education related signs.… https://t.co/T4AABzr8ln
    Il y a 2 jours 16 heures

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