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OSISA bags Award at the 5th International Palliative Care Conference

24 August 2016

OSISA was honoured with an award from the World Palliative Care Association and the African Palliative Care Association recognising its role and continued support for palliative care in the region. The award was presented during the opening reception of the 5th International Palliative Care Conference in Kampala, Uganda...

Botswana's diamond deception

10 May 2016

Most of the reports on resource governance in southern Africa give Botswana the crown when it comes to transparency and accountability in diamond mining. Recent investigations however, reveal that things are not so rosy in Botswana. In the article that follows, Khadija Sharife and Ntibinyane Ntibinyane write about the...

Botswana: Ground-breaking Judgement on LGBTI Rights

17 March 2016
The Court of Appeal reaffirmed that the refusal to register LEGABIBO was both irrational and in violation of the right to freedom of association. 
On 16 March 2016, a full bench of the Court of Appeal of Botswana delivered a significant judgment in...

Does democracy work for the San in Botswana?

02 September 2015

In 2015, the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Programme at OSISA provided funding to Democracy Works to conduct a scoping mission to Botswana.  It aimed to analyse the state of Botswana’s democracy through the lens of its treatment of the San people, as the most marginalised people in the...

Tribute to ||Garuxab Toppies Kruiper

16 July 2015
The Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Programme is today saddened to hear of the death of ||Garuxab Toppies Kruiper. He will be remembered by his many friends and family from around Southern Africa, and by indigenous peoples from all over the world, as a husband, a father, master tracker and a teacher who shared the knowledge...

Thulani Maseko and Bheki Makhubu freed by the Supreme Court

02 July 2015

The Supreme Court bench comprising Justices Jacobus Annandale, Ben Odoki and Mbutfo Mamba took no more than half an hour to rule that Bheki, Makhubu, Thulani Maseko, The Nation Magazine and Independent Publishers succeeded in their appeal against the state. The writing was already on the wall as the state had failed to...

Angolan Authorities Detain Youth Protesters as “Coup Plotters”

29 June 2015

For the Angolan authorities, the very thought of an Angola without President José Eduardo dos Santos at its helm, let alone any protest against his rule, continues to be a matter of crime and punishment. 

President dos Santos has been in power for 36 years and wants to be celebrated as the architect of peace...

Justice for al-Bashir

22 June 2015

For some, the flight of President Omar al-Bashir from a military airfield in South Africa on Monday morning was another blow to the prestige of the International Criminal Court, which has indicted the Sudanese leader for mass atrocities in Darfur. Al-Bashir’s ignominious departure came even as a South African judge was...

Open letter to the African Union on the resurgence of xenophobic violence in South Africa

10 June 2015

We, the undersigned organisations, write to you as concerned organisations and citizens of the African continent to raise concern about the xenophobic attacks in the Republic of South Africa which have recently taken place against migrants and refugees predominantly from other African countries. We approach you as the body...

Campaigning to decriminalize rogue and vagabond (vakabu) laws in Malawi

26 April 2015

Evidence tells us that around the world, marginalized groups are at increased risk of right violations in their interaction with the criminal justice system and indeed in almost all spheres of public life. Laws against loitering, being a “rogue or a vagabond,” or having no “ostensible means of assistance” are prolific and...

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