Core funding and Institutional Support for the Southern African Development Community Lawyers’ Association

By Louise Ehlers | August 20th, 2013

The Southern African Development Community Lawyers’ Association (SADC Lawyers Association/SADCLA) is the representative body of law societies, bar associations and individual lawyers in the 15 member SADC region. SADC LA has been a long term partner of OSISA's (we were one of the founding members) and is the only regional lawyers body that collectively conducts advocacy on rule of law and access to justice issues and represents a substantial contingent of human rights defenders in the region. SADC LA is requesting core funding and institutional support for its general programming. The request to OSISA is to contribute to core costs that will enable the implementation of activities relate to their five progamme areas: Democracy and Governance; Rule of Law; Human Rights; International Relations; and Organizational Development.

The goal of this project is the creation of a culture of human rights and rule of law observance by the governments and people of the SADC region.

The objectives of the proposed project are:

i.           To build and sustain the capacity of the SADC Lawyers Association to effectively coordinate and respond to human rights, access to justice and rule of law violations in SADC;

ii.          To highlight, react to and address the human rights, access to justice and rule of law challenges in the SADC Region;

iii.         To create greater collaboration between the SADC Lawyers’ Association and the regional law societies and bar associations in responding to and addressing human rights violations in the SADC region. 


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