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OSISA Grant process

Grant process - STEP 1

OSISA receives over 3,000 proposals a year and we are only able to award about 200 grants per annum. Many projects are rejected automatically becaue they do not meet our basic funding criteria. So before proceeding any further, please study the following list of project types that we do not support:

Grant process - STEP 2

Grant process - STEP 2

If your proposal is eligble for OSISA funding, you must next decide which of the our four common grant types best matches your project. The four grant types are: Anchor Grants: Capacity-Building Grants; Core Grants; and Policy and Research Grants. Each grant type has different aims and requirements.

Grant process - STEP 3

Grant process - STEP 3

Once you have decided on the grant type, you must fill in the correct application form and send the completed version to OSISA. You can apply by traditional mail or online. You can apply at any time for grants under US$50,000. However, Open calls will be distributed for grants over US$50,000.

Please note of the dates for the call for proposals over US$50,000 as proposals received after the closing date will not be considered.

In terms of the application, you will need to provide the following:

Grant process - STEP 4

Grant process - STEP 4

Every proposal is carefully reviewed by OSISA staff. The time required to review a proposal varies according to the complexity of the proposal itself, the problem being addressed, and the number of proposals being reviewed. Generally, it can take up to six months from the time a proposal inquiry is received to the actual awarding of a grant, although OSISA strives to be as expeditious as possible in its review of inquiries and proposals. Please keep this in mind when planning.

Given the terrain in which we work, we can sometimes provide funding in a much shorter period, but we address matters on a case–by-case basis.

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