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On 8 April 2022, we published our first OSF-Africa Call for Proposals, seeking applications based on our four strategic pillars—Accountability and Justice, Opportunity and Equity, Participation and Expression and Security and Rights. We also welcomed proposals in our two cross-cutting areas, namely Policy and Engagement and Women’s Rights.


By the time our Call for Proposals closed on 13 May 2022, we had received more than 3000 applications in English, French and Portuguese. Our teams are currently evaluating these proposals. As indicated in our Call for Proposals, we are evaluating applications on a rolling basis. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications between July and September 2022. Please refer to the timeline below for more details.

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OSF-Africa Call for Proposals


OSF works globally to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people. OSF’s work is committed to Expression, Justice and Equity, with cross-cutting work around climate and intersectional justice. OSF-Africa seeks to advance similar priorities on the continent, rooted in and framed from an African perspective to meet present-day, interconnected challenges to open society.


OSF-Africa supports innovative interventions with effective strategies that respond to the broader deep-seated political, justice and socio-economic roadblocks to open society in Africa. In addition to the tools of grant making, research and advocacy, we seek to seize new opportunities and deploy novel tools such as arts and culture, technology, strategic litigation and impact investment to address open society challenges.


First take a look at the OSF-Africa strategy and the guidelines to learn more about the grants. Then take a look at our Call for Proposals for more information.

OSF-Africa Call for Proposals are officially closed.

OSF-Africa Appel à Projets


OSF s’emploie dans le monde entier à bâtir des démocraties florissantes et tolérantes dont les gouvernements sont responsables et ouverts à la participation de tous leurs citoyens. Les OSF défendent les causes telles que l’expression, la justice et l’équité et soutiennent les initiatives entreprises dans le domaine du climat et de la justice intersectionnelle. OSF-Africa s’intéresse aux thématiques prioritaires comparables qui sont développées sur le continent, ancrées dans l’imagerie africaine et explorées d’un point de vue africain, afin de relever les défis actuels et transversaux en vue de promouvoir une organisation sociale libérale.


OSF-Africa soutient des interventions innovantes axées sur des stratégies concrètes qui permettent de répondre aux grands et profonds défis politiques, juridiques et socioéconomiques qui empêchent l’établissement de sociétés ouvertes en Afrique. En plus des outils d’octroi de subventions, de recherche et de plaidoyer, nous cherchons à saisir de nouvelles opportunités et à déployer de nouveaux outils comme les arts et la culture, la technologie, les litiges stratégiques et l’investissement à impact social pour relever les défis de la société ouverte.


Lisez d’abord la stratégie d’OSF-Afrique et les directives pour en savoir plus sur les subventions. Alors lisez notre appel à propositions pour plus d’informations.

L'appel à propositions d'OSF-Afrique est officiellement clos.
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OSF-Africa Convite Para Propostas


A OSF trabalha a nível global para construir democracias vibrantes e tolerantes cujos governos sejam responsáveis, e abertos à participação de todas as pessoas. O trabalho da OSF, está comprometido com a Expressão, Justiça e Igualdade, com um trabalho transversal em torno do clima e da justiça intersectorial. A OSF-Africa procura promover prioridades semelhantes no continente, enraizadas e enquadradas a partir de uma perspectiva africana, para chegar aos desafios actuais e interligados de uma sociedade aberta.


A OSF-Africa apoia intervenções inovadoras com estratégias eficazes, que respondam aos bloqueios enraizados a nível político, de justiça e socioeconómico para uma sociedade aberta em África. Para além das ferramentas da concessão de subvenções, investigação e promoção dos direitos, procuramos aproveitar novas oportunidades e implementar ferramentas inovadoras tais como artes e cultura, tecnologia, litigação estratégica e investimento para o impacto, para resolver desafios da sociedade aberta.


Leia primeiro a estratégia OSF-África e as orientações para saber mais sobre as subvenções. Então leia nossa Chamada de Propostas para mais informações.

A Chamada de Propostas da OSF-África está oficialmente encerrada.

Applying for a Grant


1. Take a look at the OSF-Africa Strategy (available in English, French, and Portuguese)

2. Take a look at the Call for Proposals and follow the instructions for submission.


Please also visit our FAQ pages for frequently asked questions on the OSF-Africa Call for Proposals: