Building Community Capacities, Evidence and Voice in Engaging on Health and Social Justice in Zimbabwe

By NatalieRDS | November 29th, 2011

Civil society plays an important role in the social and political development of Zimbabwe; over 700 civil society organisations (CSOs) currently exist in that country.

However, monitoring and research in Zimbabwe is important to make clear who benefits from state and corporate services, and to what extent these benefits are sustainable. The current situation in Zimbabwe provides an opportunity for CSOs to strengthen their representation of communities in shaping health policies.

There is a need for this strengthening to happen at a grassroots level so as to identify issue at the community levels; use local evidence to support dialogue on issues; and link local voices with national processes.

The overall goal of this project is to improve access to health, and social, justice by supporting the role of civil society to advocate for better services. Several objectives will facilitate the realisation of this goal.

First, CSOs need to be able to engage with community level evidence about the conditions that affect health, and social, justice at the local level.

Secondly, in order to deepen the ability of civil society, and other stakeholders, to gather, analyse, report on and engage with evidence from community based research, this project seeks to draw on issues highlighted during civil society monitoring.

Thirdly, by strengthening the engagement between CSOs in Zimbabwe, this project will also bolster the voice of communities on issues of health. Building regional alliances in east and southern Africa between community monitoring organisations and community based research groups will enable these to share the lessons learned.

All these objectives will be reached by reinforcing the capacities within the Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC) to support the programme.


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