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Alliance for Development and Promotion of the Commune of Hoji-ya-Henda (APCDH)

02 December 2016

SOS Habitat – Acção Solidária

02 December 2016 SOS Habitat is a NGOs, peaceful and non-partisan Angolan association whose mission is to “promote the right to land and housing within the socially and economically disadvantaged communities. It was founded in November 2002 and had its legal statues recognised in the following year as per the Official Gazette Nr. 63, 3rd Series of 12 August 2003. Its offices are located at Município de Belas, Bairro Wenji - Maka II, Rua do Colégio Amor e Paz.

Action Contre l’Impunité pour les Droits Humains (ACIDH)

02 December 2016 L'Action Contre l'Impunité pour les Droits Humains, ACIDH is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization of Human Rights established on 15 January 2004. Its field of action is justice. It organizes activities for the promotion and protection around the four thematic programs: Civil and Political Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the rights of women, children and vulnerable persons and rights to peace and sustainable development.

Centre de recherches et d’études sur l’Etat de Droit en Afrique (CREEDA)

02 December 2016 The CREEDA was established by 2015 to provide a permanent framework for the studies carried out by young Congolese researchers enrolled in the State Programme of law for sub-Saharan Africa of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. A general observation arising from the results of research conducted annually is the advancement of the rule of law in African countries requires, in addition to legal orders solidified, intellectual efforts resulted in the production of new knowledge on specific, practical, relevant and identifiable issues affecting life of African citizens on a daily basis.

Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled (LNFOD)

02 December 2016 Established in 1989 the Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled (LNFOD) is the umbrella body of disabled people’s organisations in Lesotho. LNFOD’s mission is to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities by representing their needs to the government, development partners, and other stakeholders.

Paralegal Alliance Network (PAN)

02 December 2016 The Paralegal Alliance Network (PAN) was founded in 2000 by civil society groups providing paralegal services namely, Caritas Zambia, Legal Resources Foundation (LRF), Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) and the Zambia Civic Education Association (ZCEA).These four Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) recognized the need to draw on the synergies that each individual organization had and improve the focus and breadth of their geographic reach to vulnerable members of society requiring legal aid services and to improve access to justice and enhance legal aid services to poor and vulnerable g

Seinoli Legal Centre (SLC)

02 December 2016 The Seinoli Legal Centre was legally registered in June 2014 by the Seinoli Trust in Lesotho. The Center’s mission is to empower marginalised communities to use the law as a means of protecting their social, economic and environmental interests. Through structured programmes, TRC works with communities to influence government policy decisions. The Seinoli Project was originally set up in partnership with the TRC and was housed by the organisation prior to becoming the standalone Seinoli Legal Centre in 2014.

Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled (LNFOD)

02 December 2016

2017 OSISA scholarships for african women media leaders at Rhodes University

21 November 2016
A call for applications for 10 postgraduate scholarships from Southern African women media leaders who wish to study media management at the SPI in 2017.

Notice to Civil Society Organisations: Elections of Board Members to the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption (AUABC)

05 October 2016
Citizenry engagement and involvement - citizens can actually determine the kind of AUABC they want

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