Centre de recherches et d’études sur l’Etat de Droit en Afrique (CREEDA)

The CREEDA was established by 2015 to provide a permanent framework for the studies carried out by young Congolese researchers enrolled in the State Programme of law for sub-Saharan Africa of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. A general observation arising from the results of research conducted annually is the advancement of the rule of law in African countries requires, in addition to legal orders solidified, intellectual efforts resulted in the production of new knowledge on specific, practical, relevant and identifiable issues affecting life of African citizens on a daily basis. It comes to studies on the reality of the rule of law in Africa. The context of creation was more incentive. It was characterized by a questioning of the knowledge acquired on the rule of law during the quarter-century since the start of the democratic process resulting from the fall of the Berlin wall. Except a few rare exceptions, national constitutional orders were by political or legal Fireworks changed to reinstate personified political regimes. The balance of global governance of this decade and a half of the democratic process on the continent is just as mixed. The social and economic development is not always to the appointment despite the immensity of natural resources and abundant labour. Where the need for an intellectual investment focused with a ultimate goal not only to grasp the crux of the problem but to propose solutions and actions for taking them into account in the formulation of public policy. The CREEDA is not only a link of production of knowledge. It is also intended as a framework for action turned to youth for the purpose of renewal of the ruling class in Africa. It is registered at the Ministry of Justice and Human rights in 2015 of the Democratic Republic of the Congo under N° F.92/26.076 du 6 January 2016. ShareThis

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