Sensitizing and strengthening the capacity of Area Development Committees (ADC) & Village Development Committees (VDCs)

By Glen Mpani | August 05th, 2013

Local government elections in Malawi were first held in 2000 and the term of office expired in 2005. Since then there have been no councillors resulting in a vacuum that has deprived local Malawians leadership at the lowest sphere of governance. The 2014 elections will include council elections which were crippled and weakened in the previous electoral cycle due to lack of apprehension of the laws and operations of local structures by the ordinary citizenry.

This project seeks to support a sustained targeted awareness intervention on structures of local government and how they operate with key sectors in Malawi. The goal of this project is to contribute towards functional and effective local governance structures and systems in 2014 and beyond.


• To improve on the capacity of Council members, VDC’s and ADC’s on local governance structures and systems;

• To enhance citizen participation and engagement in the local governance systems and structures. Increase public awareness on the decentralisation policy and ward boundaries;

• Increase the capacity of Community Based Educators (CBEs) in understanding the democratization of local governance structures;

• Enlighten local masses on the roles of councillors as compared to those of Members of Parliament.


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