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By Itai Zimunya | August 20th, 2013

This proposal requests institutional support for the Southern African Political Economy Series (SAPES) Trust a regional think-tank headquartered in Harare. SAPES was established in 1987 as a project of the African Association of Political Science (AAPS) to nurture social science research, policy dialogue and policy development. Since 2010, SAPES has had a particular focus on Zimbabwe through its Policy Dialogue Forum -- one of the few spaces that cut across the political divide. The Policy Dialogue Forum has become institutionalized as a centre for quality debate where people engage constructively. It is also a space that continues to attract critical policy-makers (MPs, ministers, diplomats, civil servants, members of the uniformed service). Institutional support will enable SAPES to strengthen its capacity and build its programme on Zimbabwe in Transition (ZIT) 2013 – 2018, being a policy development process designed to impact on the National Policy Framework in Zimbabwe. ZIT is about consolidating constitutional reform, restoring national institutions and defining the economic recovery programme. The policy dialogue forum will continue to be a critical space and will produce among other things position papers and policy briefs on critical issues including; in-depth analysis on political economy of transition, food security, mining sector development, indigenisation, climate change, macroeconomic developments, governance, transparency and accountability. 

The goal of this project is to strengthen SAPES Trust so it can lead cutting edge and innovative thinking on Zimbabwe’s developmental trajectory.

The project seeks to:

  1. Providing a constructive forum for the exchange of ideas and information between key stakeholders in the policy formulation process;
  2.  Serve as an informed and independent voice in policy debates;
  3. Assembly a core team of staff to identify, articulate, and interrogate current policy issues, proposals and programmes;
  4. Provide cutting-edge facilities and services as well as develop repositories to support research, learning, and policy development. 

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