Legal Assistance Centre (LAC)

The LAC was founded in 1988 as a public interest law centre, is a registered Trust, and is the only Namibian organisation presently active in this field in Namibia. The Legal Assistance Trust’s Board of Trustees, consisting of acting judges, lawyers and other experts, oversees the work and finances of the LAC. The LAC operates with the consent and support of the Law Society of Namibia and its lawyers are all members of the Law Society of Namibia, which is a requirement by law. As members of this professional body, the lawyers are obliged to maintain the ethical standards required by the legal profession. In 1997 the LAC received the UNICEF-Maurice Pate Award for its excellent contribution to the improvement of the human rights situation of women and children in Namibia. In 2008 and again in 2010, the LAC was awarded the JP Karuaihe Trust Fund Human Rights Award, similarly for its outstanding work on human rights. Since Namibian Independence in 1990, the Legal Assistance Centre has successfully litigated a number of Namibia’s most groundbreaking Constitutional cases, and LEAD is also the convener of the San Supporting Organisation Association of Namibia (SSOAN), as well being the de facto legal advisors to a number of San communities throughout the country. ShareThis

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