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By MkhosiB | August 15th, 2012

OSISA awarded a grant to !Khwa ttu San Education and Culture Centre to empower the San community to both preserve and promote their culture, as well as to gain skills and employment.

This grant seeks to build the capacity of the San by educating and informing the local and international public about San history, heritage, current activities and future aspirations on the one hand.

On the other hand the Centre, through its Empower Programme focuses on training and empowering young San people from the southern African region in a number of areas, ranging from basic life skills to rather specialized, and commercially sought after, tracking or heritage curatorial skills. It further seeks to build the capacity of! Khwa ttu to become a regional centre of excellence in vocational and heritage training for San youth.

The centre is a joint venture between the San people – represented by the Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa (WIMSA) and the Swiss philanthropic Ubuntu-Foundation. It was started in 1999, on 850Ha of land restored to the San, which had previously used as a wheat farm, and which was originally owned by the now almost extinct! Xam people. 


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