Rose was very excited when she got the job offer at a prestigious investment organisation in South Africa. As an investment banker, she saw this as a huge boost to her career. Growing up, she had always been ambitious and she saw this opportunity as an exciting challenge in her career path. She couldn’t wait to share the good news with her husband of two years, Simon, an equally ambitious young man who she had met at university. She was certain this would give them the financial break they had been literally praying for. Things were getting more difficult by the day in Zimbabwe; the inflation rate was at its alltime highest and the responsibilities they shared were already taking a huge toll on their combined salaries. Simon who was a pharmacist had two young brothers in school and from the time his parents had retired, they had assumed the responsibility of paying for his brothers’ school fees. Rose’s parents also depended on them to cater for their monthly expenses from the time her father had been retrenched from his job.

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