Chinese investment in Mozambique has focused on various sectors, reflecting Beijing’s attempts to promote Chinese companies overseas. Construction has been of particular interest to China, with over 30 Chinese construction companies currently based in Maputo, Henan International Cooperation Group, for example, was responsible for the construction of the bridge over the Incomati River. In 2009, roughly one-third of all road construction in Mozambique was being carried out by Chinese companies.

During the early 1990s, direct trade relations between China and South Africa were initiated, and within a relatively short period of time, two-way trade increased significantly. The volume of trade in 1991 was only US$14 million, but by 1997 this had grown to over US$1,5 billion.

Exposing poor practices in Mozambique

A visit to Mozambique’s capital can be an experience in luxury. Maputo’s newly-built international airport sells aftershaves for $230 and bottles of Dom Perignon for $320. Across the city centre, bars and restaurants with names such as Café Continental, Nautilus or 1908offer Western-style haute cuisine and cocktails. Upmarket residential areas display a bewildering array of 1960s modernist and Art Deco designs, brilliant sculptures and murals, while skyscrapers dominate the horizon.

Mozambique becomes 16th EITI compliant country

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Filipe Nyussi. Most Mozambicans don’t know much about him either. But it’s time to start learning because unless something goes very wrong, Nyussi will be Mozambique’s next president.

HRW report echoes SARW research

Panos Institute working to enhance media capacity

Headline growth figures - and the attendant gushing media headlines - often obscure important facts. And this is certainly the case with the whole 'Africa is Rising' consensus. Based on soaring GDP figures, politicians, economists and journalists have rejoiced in the long-awaited roar of the African lion.

Mining giant responds to Coal vrs Communities report

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