The High Court of Namibia delivered a ruling which represents a critical legal victory for the !Kung and Ju/’oan (San) communities living in the N≠a Jaqna and Nyae Nyae conservancies in North East Namibia.

As usual, where there is ignorance about a particular issue, particularly one that is both sensitive and personal, the tendency is to demonise and belittle, thus creating the ideal environment for marginalisation and social exclusion – and for ensuring that little is learned and few new concepts are accepted.

Persons with Albinism have faced serious threats to their lives as they are often hunted and killed for ritual purposes. This makes them a very vulnerable group who need urgent attention and protection of their rights to life and education.

Inclusive education is a rights-based approach to education which appreciates diversity among learners and their unique educational needs. Inclusive education centres its efforts on children who are vulnerable and prone to exclusion and marginalisation.


This is the second course challenging marginalisation, social exclusion and inequality to be run by OSISA in collaboration with the Centre for African Studies at London University. The course will run from September 16-27 in Gaborone, Botswana and will bring together participants from civil society, government and the private sector.

Course addresses key social challenges in southern Africa

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