(Read the full article here or download it below) - By Robin Palmer, Director of Institute for Professional Legal Training - Over recent years, the performance of most African countries in international surveys of corruption and good governance has been nothing short of woeful. Fingers are constantly pointed at ruling elites for looting state resources rather than contributing to the socio-economic development of the people. But very little is done since the onus is on national judicial systems to hold the powerful to account.

Les conclusions de cette étude fondée sur des sondages sérieux réalisés dans les pays du continent sont plutôt rassurantes pour les défenseurs convaincus de la démocratie. 

Revenue Watch marks down SADC states

L’Afrique est le berceau de l’humanité, tant au point de vue biologique qu’au point de vue des civilisations. C’est un continent de 30millions de km carreé et le deuxième le plus étendu après l’Asie.

OSISA-funded programme is first in Lusophone Africa

The Southern African Political Economy Series (SAPES TRUST) is hosting a policy dialogue forum on the role of political parties in resource governance in southern Africa on Friday June 28 from 17:00-19:00.

Botswana's secretive dash for gas

The Southern African region faces the major challenge of combining the principles of democracy and the creation of democratic institutions with the pragmatic decisions required to implement reforms in the security sectors of SADC member countries. This is rendered especially difficult by the need to address security issues in the different country contexts. There are also conceptual barriers to be overcome, because there is no consensus among African leaders as to what ‘security’ denotes, for example whether it refers to regime or human security.

The trend is showing that this third force is actually dominating the policy space of the AU.  And although the likes of Madam Zuma, who exclaims an overly optimistic projection of where Africa would be in the next fifty years, the reality paints a very different picture. 

The Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project (AfriMAP) and OSISA will launch a major new report in Lusaka on August 27th entitled ‘Zambia – Democracy and Political Participation’.

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