Alarming rape rulings should disqualify him from becoming South Africa's top judge

As if West Africa doesn’t have enough hurdles to surmount, the rise of massive, powerful and wealthy organized crime syndicates now illicitly trafficking narcotic across West Africa has thrown yet another dangerous ingredient into the already lengthy and ‘toxic brew’ of threats plaguing the region.

OSISA funds public finance and governance training for Congolese activists

These findings show that democracy continues to gain ground in people’s hearts and minds despite the insufficiencies and failings of democratisation experiences in a number of countries over the past decade, and despite uneven performances bydemocratic regimes in the areas of economic and social development, and even political stability and human security. 

For Africa’s women, limited access to financial services, cultural norms and gender bias, and inadequate legislative and regulatory framework, all contribute towards delayed realisation of economic development. 

One of the reasons cited for South Africans’ hostile attitude to foreigners is the causal link between foreigners and the country’s social ills, What's the role of the visionary African leadership in light of the current crisis.

Zambia: Democracy and Political Participation provides a comprehensive review of the state of democracy and popular participation in government and public affairs in Zambia. The author, Neo Simutanyi, argues that despite the fact that Zambia has experienced unprecedented political developments – the country held six general elections, including a presidential by-election, with four peaceful presidential successions during this period – challenges remain.

Fears grow as government targets critical voices

On a chilly Monday morning on February 16th, 2009, I walked into the New Government Complex in Harare’s Central Avenue. As I strode for the very first time down a poorly lit corridor, eyes strained and necks stretched behind wide open doors to catch a glimpse of the newcomer with a reputation for short temper. I was ushered into a comfortable office that was to become my home for the next four and a half years. 

I had just become Zimbabwe’s eighth Minister of Finance. 

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