SADC must act to end sham democracy

AU mission calls for democratic reforms

The AfriMAP report finds ample evidence to suggest that democracy in Malawi is working, albeit with some obvious challenges – and makes a series of recommendations to address these.

The Southern African Political Economy Series (SAPES TRUST) is hosting a policy dialogue forum on the role of political parties in resource governance in southern Africa on Friday June 28 from 17:00-19:00.

Mswati will retain control but reformers may gain a foothold

The Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project (AfriMAP) and OSISA will launch a major new report in Lusaka on August 27th entitled ‘Zambia – Democracy and Political Participation’.

Malawians will be electing a president, law makers and local government leaders on May 20th.  This is the fifth election since the country returned to plural politics in 1994.  One would wonder why it is important for the Open Society Foundations to be concerned about the integrity of elections in Malawi given its minimal geo-political significance compared to countries such as Nigeria, DRC, South Africa, Egypt, etc.  Yet Malawians deserve no less an opportunity to exert popular control on national decision making by exercising real choice to elect their representatives.

SADC politics must help transform mining sector to benefit all

A number of noteworthy political anniversaries occur in Swaziland’s historical calendar during 2013. This year marks 45 years of Swazi independence, 40 years since the 1973 Proclamation that repealed the 1968 Constitution and 27 years since King Mswati III’s ascension to the throne. The second national election under the 2005 Constitution is also due this year.

Just when Swazis thought that they had enough of a fight on their hands to get political parties unbanned, they find that the government has also gone and prohibited the parties they really enjoy – the ‘thanksgiving parties’ thrown by aspiring candidates, who bribe – sorry thank – potential voters for their support with lavish amounts of food, drink, blankets and sometimes cold hard cash.

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