Gabriel Shumba tortured by Zimbabwe

African Commission urged to tackle arbitrary arrest

The leaking of a confidential dossier detailing the kidnapping, torture and murder of two Angolan activists, who have been missing since May 2012, has confirmed our worst fears about the barbarity and inhumane nature of a government that will stop at nothing to repress and silence any citizens´ demands and criticisms.

Human Rights Watch 2013 report paints depressing picture

Responsible state agents must be prosecuted

Still no news about fate of activists

One of the contentious issues that arises in debates about universal jurisdiction is whether international law allows for what has been called “universal jurisdiction in absentia”. The question is whether a State may initiate criminal proceedings, for international crimes, against persons who are not present within the territory of the prosecuting State.

Bail delays in 'carnal knowledge' case must end

Two stories involving the San in southern Africa over the past few weeks have highlighted two issues – that the rights of the San continue to be routinely violated and that the Namibian authorities are more concerned about this (or at least about publicity around it) than their peers across the border in Botswana.

There is still an awfully long way to go but sex workers in South Africa can now start to imagine a time when they will not be arrested for simply doing their job. When they will not be beaten, robbed and raped because they sell sex. When they will not be routinely abused by police and ignored by health professionals – the very people who are meant to help and protect them.

When they will be able to enjoy the same basic human rights as everyone else.

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