In many instances election management resembles crises management. This is simply because of the huge significance of elections as access to national resources and power; the personalization of state powers by elected officials and the reluctance of politicians to play by the rules.

The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) is a growing African institution committed to deepening democracy, protecting human rights and enhancing good governance in the region. OSISA's vision is to promote and sustain the ideals, values, institutions and practices of open society, with the aim of establishing vibrant and tolerant southern African democracies in which people, free from material and other deprivation, understand their rights and responsibilities and participate actively in all spheres of life.

Recent research shows that although changes in agro-food systems across Southern Africa have been primarily linked to the expansion of supermarkets and fast food chains in urban centres across the region, in rural and agrarian economies these changes are being driven by investment in upstream segments of agro-food value chains. In Changing agro-food systems: The impact of big agro-investors on food rights, a book that emerged out of a joint action research project

ARASA is a regional partnership of non-governmental organisations working together to promote a human rights approach to HIV/AIDS and TB in Southern Africa through capacity building and advocacy. It is constituted in the form of a trust and all partner organisations are members of the trust. Steering committees, comprising trust members, act as advisory boards for the two ARASA programme areas: training and awareness raising; and advocacy and lobbying.

Advocacy and Lobbying:

Activist call as Malawian President heads for AU summit

Legal body joins fight for repeal of discriminatory law

It's been a long time coming but the Human Rights Commission in Zambia has finally decided that it will ignore the rantings of the opposition parties and churches and speak out against the discrimination of people on the basis of sexual orientation.

Analysing Zimbabwe's draft Bill of Rights

Botswana is experiencing one of the most severe HIV/AIDS pandemics in the world. In 2009, it was estimated that one quarter of the population was living with HIV. Research suggests that sex workers play a critical role in reducing the spread of the pandemic.

However, sex workers remain criminalised in Botswana, which results in stigma, and discrimination against them at the hands of health service providers. An additional problem is the police harassment that prevents sex workers from consistently accessing prevention and health care, ultimately fuelling HIV transmission.

The Centre for Human Rights, based at the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, is both an academic department and a non-governmental organisation. The Centre was established in the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, in 1986, as part of domestic efforts against the apartheid system of the time.

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