Access to justice must be part of post-2015 agenda

The intense interest and huge hype generated by the search for a successor to Moreno Ocampo as the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) by state parties, powerful non-member states and international justice actors is telling.

UNHRC points to progress and concerns

This is an historic moment, in which the first African indigenous leader will meet with the Special Advisor to present data collected by indigenous peoples themselves, on trends in serious crimes and violence against indigenous peoples in the Kivu District. 

During the UN Convention to Combat Desertification's COP11 in Windhoek, there will be a critical panel discussion on Better Land Use, Better Future for All - Partnering with civil society to enhance sustainable land management in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This 1 day meeting in Geneva on July 6 aims to establish a Great Lakes Observatory to monitor gross human rights violations against the indigenous peoples of the region. The meeting will undertake a situation analysis of the human rights situation in the Great Lakes region: DRC, Rwanda and Burundi. It will also seek to better understand the UN Special Procedures mechanisms and discuss the practical implementation of monitoring capacity, including looking at the available resources and capacity for human rights monitoring and early warning systems.

UN report says 33 people killed by security forces

The concept of migration and displacement is a global notion that manifests itself in the Southern African region. This article will discuss the concept as disproportionately affecting women more than their male counterparts, and in some instances even being deconstructive to the concept or the notion of “home”, depriving migrant or displaced women of a sense of belonging. To achieve this purpose, it will explore the myriad forms of displacement and provide a feminist critic of migration focussing on inequality and exclusion.

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