American Bar Association - Rule of Law Initiative (ABA - ROLI)

ABA ROLI proposes a program that builds upon its in-country presence and partnerships (both local and international) to continue combating SGBV in South Kivu. The fundamental goal of this program is to enhance the delivery of justice for SGBV survivors, especially in remote areas.

To this end, ABA ROLI proposes to deploy six mobile courts (four military and two civil) to hear cases in remote areas of South Kivu; establish two legal aid clinics in Bukavu and Uvira that provide pro bono legal services for SGBV survivors; train police and magistrates on investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating SGBV crimes; increase female representation in the legal profession through trainings and an internship program; and run a media and outreach campaign to increase awareness of SGBV, legal protections, and the means of seeking redress.


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