Gender Dynamix: Trans Health, Advocacy & Research Conference 2011

By Bukeka Mkhosi | July 06th, 2011

The overall goal is to improve, holistically, the health of transgendered people in Southern Africa; through dialogue, awareness raising, advocacy and research; and to provide an opportunity to network and learn from medical practitioners working with transgendered individuals from the African region.

This project seeks to support Gender Dynamix to host a Trans Health, Advocacy & Research Conference in 2011. This conference will build upon the outcomes of the first conference they held in 2010 were it was agreed that a larger follow up conference was needed. OSISA will provide a grant to Gender DynamiX- a Human Rights organisation promoting freedom of expression of gender identity, focusing on transgender, transsexual and gender non-confirming identities This project will run from July 2011-June 2013 and aims to: - To create a dialogue between medical practitioners, transgendered individuals and activists, NGOs, and government departments - aiming to increase access to both general health services and transgendered specific health services; - To disseminate preliminary findings of the first HIV related community research done by Gender DynamiX, and create a dialogue with various stakeholders - identifying key gaps and issues in current advocacy, services, and research; - To create a dialogue regarding the sexual and reproductive health and rights, touching upon issues such as fertility, adoption, children, bodily integrity issues; and - To further a discussion on indigenous knowledge regarding gender diversity – can our traditional ways of explaining being transgendered positively influence our African narrative around this issue?


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