Inclusive Affirmative Ministries (IAM)

Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM) was founded in 1995 in Cape Town, South Africa. For the past 15 years, IAM has been the only organisation in southern Africa that specifically targets religious leaders in mainline Christian faith communities to sensitise these leaders to LGBTI issues. IAM works as a catalyst to lobby and encourage faith communities to re-examine their beliefs and attitudes towards homosexuality.

The organisation accomplishes this through education and advocacy projects that stimulate and encourage dialogue; individual and group counselling; conferences and workshops in faith communities; production and dissemination of a wide variety of materials and resources; media work including regularly participating in radio and television talk shows; and networking with clergy and church leadership.

In addition to working directly with clergy, IAM also works with LGBTI people, active in their religious traditions, to assist them in reconciling their sexuality and spirituality. The organisation also supports efforts to make local congregations more inclusive of LGBTI people, and to sensitise religious leaders in their communities. IAM has been successful in developing a network of progressive religious leaders in South Africa who are committed to making their own congregations and denominations welcoming to LGBTI people.

This network also speaks out on LGBTI rights, particularly when these rights are under religious attack. It has also provided support to hundreds of LGBTI people in their efforts to make their religious traditions more welcoming. Especially over the last few years, IAM has expanded its work beyond South Africa and is beginning to work with religious leaders, and religiously active LGBTI people, in other southern and east African countries.


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