Goitsione Mokou

Goitsione Mokou is an educationist and community worker living in Cape Town. She is a co-founder of the Cape Town-based education collective, People’s Education. Goitsione is a Masters student at the UCT School of Education, specialising in Curriculum Studies. In both scholarship and practice, her key areas of interest are curriculum and pedagogy, and their inherent relationship in knowledge production and society, towards notions of “subject” making and adult education. Goitsione is concerned with popular pedagogies and how new counter-pedagogies can be created toward knowledge-making practices that seek to counter hegemonic discourse in both formal and non-formal education discourse. Goitsione is also a decolonialist, a jazz-phile and she hopes to master the keys one day.




  • 1 Hood Avenue/148 Jan Smuts; Rosebank, GP 2196; South Africa
  • T. +27 (0)11 587 5000
  • F. +27 (0)11 587 5099