…and now to build a vibrant debt movement

The two-day regional conference on debt came to an end with a commitment to building a vibrant debt movement across southern Africa. In his closing remarks Percy Makombe (Team Leader: Democracy and Governance) at OSISA reiterated the institution’s vision and plan for advancing work on debt. The conference, Makombe said, was designed with the aim of improving visibility, promoting alternative thinking and amplifying alternative voices in southern Africa and the rest of the the continent. He further emphasised the need to continuously create spaces for regular thinking and dialogue in an effort to decolonise and democratise development.

In her remarks, OSISA Board Chairperson, Chilufya Chileshe urged the conference participants to stand together, act swiftly and broaden participation of youth, women and people with disabilities in all efforts aimed at addressing debt. She said the debt issue remained one of deep concern as had been stated throughout the conference duration.

OSISA’s Team Leader (Economic and Social Justice), Velaphi Mamba encouraged participants to continue pursuing the spirit of Umunthu (the equivalent of Ubuntu), which inspires the name of this newsletter. He further echoed Chileshe’s sentiments that the SADC debt conundrum was no longer an emerging issue, but cause for deep concern, which requires the sum effort of African citizens to be successfully tackled.

For more information about the OSISA regional debt conference, please see: www.osisa.org/debtconference