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[CALL FOR ARTICLES] BUWA! 2019 theme: Women Human Rights Defenders

The 2019 issue of BUWA! – our 10th – is focusing on Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs). Across the globe, continent and much more recently in southern Africa, there are increased reports of political violence, arbitrary detentions, systematic attacks on human rights and pro-democracy activists....

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African youth having their future auctioned and aborted

With about 200 million people aged between 15-24, the United Nations (UN) recognises Africa as the youngest continent in the world. However, deliberations on the second day of the the SADC Debt Conference show that young people continue to be marginalised from discussions on developmental...

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The PPP dilemma in Africa

Africa’s financial and economic crisis, coupled with lack of funding for infrastructure and public services has ostensibly necessitated the growth in appetite for public private partnerships (PPPs)....

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Multilateral solutions to a multilateral problem

What is the role of the international financial institutions in resolving the debt challenges encountered by countries in the global south? Representatives from the Third World Network Africa, African Development Bank (AfDB) and the African Women´s Development and Communication Network tackled this question on their...

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‘Re-politicise the debt discourse’

African countries are currently facing an increasingly difficult lending global framework. The contemporary rise of nationalism and populism in traditional lending countries, coupled with the emergence of non-traditional creditors and market-based financing has further complicated the international architecture for accessing debt facilities. ...

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Debt: to get, to bet or to fret?

As the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa’s (OSISA) regional conference on southern Africa’s conundrum opened in Johannesburg today, there was little agreement in the conference room. ...

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