[CALL FOR ARTICLES] BUWA!2019: Celebrating our Sheroes [Theme: Women Human Rights Defenders]

BUWA! Journal on African Women’s Experiences 2019

Theme: Women Human Rights Defenders


The 2019 Issue of BUWA! is focusing on Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs).  Across the globe, continent and much more recently in Southern Africa there are increased reports of political violence, arbitrary detentions, systematic attacks on human rights and pro-democracy activists. We are alive to the fact that while all HRDS have increasingly faced tougher operating conditions in the past decade, WHRDs have faced even more multiple layers of the brunt in such a context – given the manner in which patriarchy often colludes with other oppressive systems that characterise the field in which HRDs work.

Buwa10! therefore, comes significantly at an opportune time to look back on decades of promoting and defending women’s human rights in Africa. It unpacks the experiences of WHRDs on the continent, highlighting their struggles in a context where civic space is increasingly and systematically closing. The issue unpacks how WHRDs in particular have navigated this 70-year-old terrain and the 2 decades of dedicated ‘recognition’ of their commitment to stand in the gap for others.  The issue shines the spotlight on WHRDs to understand their struggles, victories and lessons to further shape the terrain in which WHRD operate.

To celebrate WHRDS and the 10th anniversary of Buwa, we are inviting pieces that shine the spotlight on legendary women human rights defenders at community, national, regional and global level.  We would love to get an array of articles celebrating the SHEROES in Politics, Agriculture, Education, Health, Governance, Science, Law etc . Bring out the power women (departed and living), share them with the rest of the world through our anniversary publication! And be sure to include a high resolution picture for the publication.

Submissions can take the form of critical analyses and referenced articles case studies, opinion pieces, poems; vlogs; video stories; photo essays; cartoons; and more!  All pieces must be 2 -3 pages max! We pay a prorated honorarium of between $250 to US$500 for accepted pieces only.


Once you have your piece ready, kindly submit through Buwa@osisa.orgThe Deadline for submitting articles is October 14 2019.