Our focus (2019-2022) will be on supporting the principles of openness, participation, inclusion and accountability. We will amplify the pro-democracy voices in southern Africa through supporting processes, organisations and movements that are intent on protecting people from the abuses and excesses of the state and corporate sector. We will work with groups and organisations that are challenging and campaigning against the erosion of public space, the culture of fear, undemocratic cyber policing and surveillance consolidated in the name of national security. We will strengthen and support movements and organisations bringing ordinary people together in solidarity, where they work to deal with common grievances, and find the strength to confront institutional power


The three cluster pillars (Inclusive Participation; Transparency and Accountability; Media, Access to Information
and Digital Rights) will be guided by the following objectives:


Areas of Work


Civic engagement and inclusive public participation
Transparency and accountability in public and private sectors.
Media Freedom, Access to Information, & Digital Rights
Civic engagement and inclusive public participation
Enable and support alternative forms of participation, and engagement that helps people organise, mobilise, and resist excessive power as well as demand transparency, accountability and responsiveness. Support governments to deliver more participatory democratic processes and improve the quality and capacity of policies and officials to deliver on the needs of the people. Supporting a diverse and rich mix of voices will be the defining element of this work which will enhance public debates and open spaces advocating for democratic accountability and strengthen voices for collective engagement.
Transparency and accountability in public and private sectors.
Corruption remains an important factor affecting the ability of the people of the region to enjoy respectable living conditions. OSISA has had encouraging results in promoting accountability and fighting corruption. Launching the OSISA study on corruption in Southern Africa contributed to generating a fierce debate on corruption in Malawi and Zambia. We wish to consolidate this work by promoting accountability and strengthening support to civic initiatives to enhance social accountability mechanisms that are pushing for public resources to be managed in ways that promote accountability and transparency.
Media Freedom, Access to Information, & Digital Rights
Support independent and investigative journalism to check the excess of power and provide the ammunition for advocacy whether it is tracing beneficial ownership of companies, following up on tenders, checking up on procurement, or searching for answers, all of this should be about making connections with citizens so that they can use the information to demand answers and push for accountability. We will also support campaigns and advocacy aimed at removing constraints on getting online including promoting policies to increase the accessibility, availability & affordability of the Internet. Support innovative and creative hubs that are able to create applications/tools that facilitate the telling of stories and sharing of information.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Democracy & Governance Programme



SIVIO Institute


Email: tendaim@sivioinstitute.org
Website: www.sivioinstitute.org

Lesotho Centre for
Investigative Journalism


Email: sechabam@lescij.org
Website: www.lescij.org
Email: info@lescij.org

Facebook: MNN Centre for
Investigative Journalism
Twitter: @CijLesotho

Sol Plaatje Institute for
Media Leadership


Email: spi@ru.ac.za
Website: www.ru.ac.za/spi

Programme Members


Percy Makombe

Team Leader: Democracy & Governance

Lusako Munyenyembe

Programme Manager: Public & Private Sector Accountability Manager;

Ichumile Gqada

Programme Manager: Inclusive Participation

Phathiswa Mbolo

Programme Associate

T. Benedict Komeke

Programme Support Officer: Democracy & Governance

Email: democracycluster@osisa.org

Nhlanhla Ngwenya

Programme Manager: Media, Access to Information and Digital Rights

Lerato Mohlamenyane

Programme Associate