Edward L. Lobo (El Lobo) goes by his artist name Hu.NTR (which stands for Hueman NaTuRe). He is a 22 years old Congolese born, with a background in Architecture and a passion for challenging his comfort zone.Hu.NTR started making art as a way to accentuate the fact that we live in a globalised world where all cultures have merged into one mega culture.


In his art, he uses 3 main colours, which represents the 3 main races/the 3 main colours of soil) which some ancient cultures say we are moulded from) to show that each race and culture is only result of geographical/environmental influences just like each soil is only a reflective of their respective environment. But because today’s world is globalised and influencing by trending media cultures rather than our respective environments, his work reflect this through a mixture of pop culture references with a satirical twist.