Welcome to the official #NumbersAsFaces launch!

Over the last few months, we have been collaborating with an amazing team of creatives from southern Africa to produce a campaign, #NumbersAsFaces. This campaign features a collection of conversations and stories of people confronting #COVID-19 head-on. These are stories and conversations of people attempting to live ‘normal’ lives in the midst of the pandemic. What we are bringing you, therefore, are stories and conversations about pain, love, distress, joy and hope. #NumbersAsFaces

The #NumbersAsFaces podcast features a range of stories of everyday people in Southern Africa as they attempt to live ‘ordinary lives’ in the midst of the pandemic. Each episode features a tory from frontline workers, specialists, people living with disabilities, artists, job-seekers, survivors, students and more.

The #NumbersAsFaces E-magazine features a collection of photo essays, posters, interviews, and illustrated articles. The magazine encompasses a range of themes and topics around mental health, job security, education, love, and loss.