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Opportunity: TORs for Designing and Development of OSISA Grants Management System

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Goal of the assignment

The goal of this assignment is to design and develop a grant management system that will assist the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) manage its grant making process through the entire grants lifecycle. The system should incorporate online application functionality for OSISA partners and grants applicants. The system must also include grant tracking functionality for both internal and external users as well as allowing internal review, approval and rejection of grant applications at different management levels of OSISA.

Background of the assignment

The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) is a growing African institution committed to deepening democracy, protecting human rights and enhancing good governance in the region. OSISA’s vision is to promote and sustain the ideals, values, institutions and practices of open society, with the aim of establishing vibrant and tolerant southern African democracies in which people, free from material and other deprivation, understand their rights and responsibilities and participate actively in all spheres of life.

In its effort to use technology innovation and to take advantage of the opportunity to streamline and make consistent grant management processes across the Foundation, OSISA seeks to acquire a grant management system which incorporates online application and grant tracking functionality; which allows for review, approval and rejection at different management levels of OSISA.

OSISA is seeking to recruit a consultant or consultants to undertake the design and development of this system.

Scope of the assignment

Under the direct supervision and guidance of the Senior Grants and Partnerships Manager, and in consultation with the Senior Finance and Operations Manager, a consultant or consultants will undertake the following tasks:

  • Design and develop a grant management system:
    • which allows for an online application as well as have grant tracking functionality;
    • which allows for reviews, approvals and rejections at different management levels in OSISA. The system should also allow an internal screening process and review among the Team Leaders/Country Directors/Programme Managers and also show how many proposals have been reviewed and how many are being declined;
    • With a two stage process that supports both a Concept Note and a more detailed proposal;
    • Which allows applicants to save incomplete applications and return to them within a set timeframe;
    • Which allows applicants to upload attachments in various formats but mostly Word, Excel and PDF;
    • Which should be able to send automated confirmation emails after submission and emails that inform applicants that their application has moved to the next stage in the review stage;
    • Which should have deadline reminders emails for the various milestones such as instalments and reports;
  • Support OSISA to roll-out a new grant management system and post go-live.


Interested parties should submit the following:

  1. CVs of consultants or leading expert of the institute for consultancy;
  2. Outline and a proposal for a suggested system including a Demo;
  3. Financial proposal per task with detailed budget.

Submission deadline: Written proposal and supporting materials should be received by OSISA by February 15, 2019 at GMS@osisa.org with subject line: GMS Application.

Selection process and shortlisting

A panel constituted by OSISA will review for shortlisting all received applications on amongst others the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the brief;
  • Innovation;
  • Quality and experience of consultants and company;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • Post-implementation support availability.

Presentation and Decision Process

Those shortlisted will be advised and will be expected to present to the panel at an agreed upon date and time; The panel will deliberate and make a recommendation to the Senior Management Team of OSISA; Senior Management Team will make a final decision on the appointed consultancy; Those who have been appointed will duly be advised to this regard.

OSISA reserves the right not to communicate further with those who didn’t make it.